Society Board and Executive

  2022 - 2023

President:  James Pollard
Secretary: Lisa Bartholomeaus
Treasurer: Sue Henning

Board Members

Ann-Marie Crozier

Angela Ellis

Narelle Hawkins

Voni Leighton

Dee Loader

Michael Young


Penelope Bryant

Karyn Cuthbert

Michael Montalto

About the Board and Executive roles

Board Members are appointed for 2 year terms and have responsibility for ensuring the financial and operational stability of the Society. Any member can nominate for a Board position. President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Society are determined by the board following election of board members at the AGM. Nominations require two financial members to endorse the nomination.

Executive require a single financial member to nominate, and are typically members who wish to engage with the society but don't seek a formal board position, wish to do a discrete piece of work on the society's behalf, and is the preferred option to learn more about the society, and it is useful to be an Executive member for a year or two prior to nominating for board.


2021-2022 Financial Report (requires login)

Strategic Plan

 HITH Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022


HITH Society Constitution

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